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Portable Storage Units

Portable Storage Units - Sturdy and Strong (Injection Molded Custom)

Portable Storage unit

Portable storage, plastic parts and storage trays can be used for many uses in a variety of combinations. Trays can be used on wire racks, wood shelves, or custom case goods, both open and enclosed. Baskets can be added to trays to create four sections within the trays. Trays and baskets are available in various colors to help identity contents.

Parts trays and baskets are manufactured by injection molding with many grades of polypropylene or polyethylene using virgin or recycled plastic. Polypropylene trays are tough, durable and chemically resistant. Polyethylene trays are not only tough, durable and chemically resistant, but also more flexible and softer feeling.

All trays are designed for commercial and industrial applications with daily and continued use in mind. The thick cross-section of the trays is designed to help support heavy loads. Trays with baskets can be stacked or when empty, nested together.

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