Glenn Mauser Plastics Company


About Glenn Mauser Plastic Injection Molding

Glenn Mauser Company Inc. was started in 1983.  Mr. Glenn Mauser has over 40+ years of experience in Plastic Injection Molding.  The Company during its long history has served customers in the Hosiery, Electronics, Automotive, Medical, Furniture, Toys, and Textiles Industries.


Glenn Mauser Company stands by their products.  Each product is made with the consumer in mind to ensure that the consumer gets the best product at the most competitive price.  All products are in stock and orders are shipped the same day as they are received.

Plastic Recycling

Green! Green! Green! Is Recycling

Glenn Mauser Company has been involved in plastic recycling for 28+ years. We have worked with our customer’s in the field of Hosiery, Textiles, and Furniture to recycle plastic cones, tubes, and sheets. Through these efforts, we have saved many pounds of plastics from being sent to landfills.

Our program CASH FOR CONES has encouraged many of our customers to put forth the effort to make recycling of plastics a priority in their daily operations. We are always looking for ways to help save our environment and to improve the economy by recycling plastics.